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Ms. Fowl

November 22, 2008

Ms. Winifred Fowl is the kids’ 5th grade teacher and is 82 years old. She claims to have only been married once to a werewolf and attracts the strangest men sometimes. She seems to see Sam, the owner of the Candy Bar, somewhat regularly. She danced with President Calvin Coolidge and once dated Thomas Edison when Jimmy brought Edison forward in time to correct Cindy’s claim about the date the radio was invented. She is caught in some of the disasters that hit Retroville.

Ms. Fowl used to be a rodeo star and became a teacher after she was thrown from her horse. She has a beak-like nose and often squawks as part of her regular speech pattern. Jimmy’s nanobots refer to her as “poultryesque”. Her voice is played by Andrea Martin.

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